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International Symposium

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  • Name The XIV International Symposium, Contemporary Issues of Literaru Studies
    Theme The Silk Road Countries` Folklore (Dedicated to the Memory of Gogla - Giorgi Leonidze)
  • History and Collective Memory
  • Folklore – Reservoir of National Identity
  • Myth, Ritual and Symbol in Folklore and Literature
  • Folklore Genres
  • Folklore and Literary Text
  • Contemporary Mythology and Literary Fairy-tales
  • Folk Music
  • Contemporary Folk Narratives (Urban Myths)
  • Folklore and Gender
  • Folklore as a Tool of Cross Cultural Communication
  • Folklore in Multicultural Society – Tradition and Innovation
  • Folklore and its Adjoining Scientific Disciplines (History, Literature, Ethnology)
  • Preservation and Popularization of Folklore as Intangible Cultural Heritage
  • Folklore and Digital Era
  • Digital Folk Archives and Databases
  • Field Research Practice
  • Folklore and Multimedia
  • Folklore in Pop Culture
  • Folklore in Media and Creative Industry
  • Folklorists – Names, Epochs, Achievements
  • Date September 23 - 26, 2020
    Languages Georgian, English, Russian
    Organized By
  • Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University
  • Shota Rustaveli Institute of Georgian Literature
  • The Folklore State Centre of Georgia
  • Georgian Comparative Literature Association (GCLA)
  • Call for Papers in Russian / Подробности на русском

    Dear Сcolleagues!

    Due to the threat posed by the spread of coronavirus Symposium – Silk Road Countries’ Folklore– will be held online.

    This format involves the online participation of foreign colleagues.

    Participation is planned to be online in an interactive format.

    However, if the participant is facing any technical problem, it will be possible to send a paper for publication with the consent of the organizing committee.

    More information about the online platform and other technical details will be announced later.

    Below is an updated scheme for participating in the online Symposium:

    For the interested applicants:

    • Please, fill out the registration form and upload your Abstract – Registration for Symposium
    • Abstract Details:
      • Abstract must be in English;
      • No more than 250 words, Font – Times New Roman, Size 11, Line spacing – single;

    The duration of the presentation (except for plenary presentations) – 15 min.

    *Deadline for submitting abstracts is June 30, 2020!

    *Incorrectly filled application forms (registration form + an abstract) will not be accepted!

    • The Organizing Committee will select symposium participants
    • Final date of selection is – July 10, 2020!

    Registration fee for approved participants:

    Registration fee for approved participants:

    • Participation – € 30
    • Participation with a coauthor (if any) – € 50 (for both authors)

     The registration fee includes:

    • Provide online Symposium services
    • Publications of the symposium program and proceedings

    After the completion of the Symposium proceedings will be published, which will be supported by DOI identifier and uploaded in GOOGLE SCHOLAR. 

    In case of request, authors will receive the scanned files of their articles (Please, note that the postal service of sending the proceedings is not included in the registration fee). 

    Featured papers will be published in Sjani (Thoughts), an annual Georgian scientific journal of literary theory and comparative literature which is included in EBSCO, CEEOL, VABB-SHW and ERIH PLUS basis.

    For further information please contact the Organizing Committee  to the following e-mail: