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International Symposium

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  • Section in Georgian – Pandemic as a Core Theme of the Text


    1. Liana (Lia) Basheleishvili

    Russia, Moscow

    Christian Perspectives on Alexander Pushkin’s „Feast in Time of Plague“

    2. Maka Elbakidze

    Georgia, Tbilisi

    The Red Death – A Metaphor or a Prophecy

    3. Nugesha Gagnidze

    Georgia, Kutaisi

    Art and Love in the Time of an Epidemic: Thomas Mann’s „Death in Venice“

    4. Salome Kenchoshvili

    Georgia, Tbilisi

    Pandemic Theme in Gabriele D’Annunzio’s Novella „The War for the Bridge“. Fragment of the Pescara Chronicle

    5. Irma Ratiani

    Georgia, Tbilisi

    Boccaccio, Decameron – Lessons from the Pandemic Time

    Moderator – Maka Elbakidze

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